Monday, September 14, 2009

Do We Know How Low They Can Go?

Goaded and encouraged by Fox News, thousands of people showed up in Washington over the weekend to protest … well, just about everything that has anything to do with Barack Obama.

But it was more than a protest; it was a hate-fest.

There were signs depicting Obama in whiteface. Signs showing him with Mao and Castro and saying “three of a kind.” There was the sign, recycled from the 2008 campaign, saying “Hitler gave good speeches, too.” And, of course, signs urging us to “Say NO to Socialized medicine.”

One guy brandished a sign that said “We’ve come unarmed … THIS TIME!”

And then there was the sign -- not hand drawn, but printed on glossy cardboard for mass distribution -- that said, “Bury Obamacare with Kennedy.”

Just when I think these people have gone as low as they can go, they manage to take it down yet another notch.

Ironically, they are trying the very same tactics the Nazi brown shirts used to shout down and bully and, yes, kill those who opposed their guy Adolf. Of course, most are so ignorant they don’t know that. A few do, but they don’t care. No matter, they are all disgracing the country they loudly profess to love so much.

But the real disgrace? Politicians like South Caroline Senator Jim DeMint. He showed up at this unholy gathering and took the microphone to praise and encourage these pathetic, frightened, angry fools.

And no one can go any lower than that.


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Mike said...

That smug smirk on the face of the individual in your photo says more than I want to know about these people who are so willingly and easily duped.

Somewhat related, the Daily Beast has an article w/ a pretty interesting premise for those of us who are old to remember Nixon: