Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wrong Again, and Again, and Again, and …

The Republicans have blathered for months about wanting a bipartisan bill for health care reform. By now, however, it’s quite clear they have only one goal: killing any bill in order to weaken the Obama presidency. Or, failing that, they will try to delay any vote (with help from the miserable little weasel, Joe Lieberman) until next year when, they hope, they will gain enough seats in the 2010 elections to defeat any bill that may come to a vote.

How irresponsible. How cynical. How partisan. And how typical for the Party of No.

The Republicans, after all, have a long tradition of opposing reforms and progress. Here are four examples (there are many more):

* The Republicans opposed the creation of Medicare.

* They opposed the creation of Social Security.

* Before World War 2, they opposed Lend Lease, which provided obsolete ships to help a desperate Great Britain defend itself against the Nazis.

* And – here’s a nice little bookend for you – after World War 2, they opposed the Marshall Plan which is credited with keeping millions of Europeans from starving and their countries from falling under Russian domination.

Let us hope that they will not be able to add health care reform to that shameful list.

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