Saturday, December 12, 2009

What's That Definition of Insanity, Again?

I sometimes wonder if Republican voters ever stop to consider their party’s track record when it comes to the milestone pieces of legislation that have come before the Congress.

The fact is, when the break-through moments have appeared, Republicans have been on the wrong side every time.

Republicans opposed giving women the right to vote.

Republicans opposed Lend Lease, which provided obsolete ships, planes, and other war material to help England battle Nazi Germany before the U.S. joined the conflict.

Republicans opposed the Marshall Plan after World War II which helped to rebuild Europe and is largely credited with preventing a Communist take-over.

Republicans opposed the creation of Social Security.

Republicans opposed the creation of Medicare.

And today, Republicans are in lock-step opposing health care reform.

Still, a significant number of our fellow Americans continue to support the Republican Party and vote for their anti-damn-near-everything candidates. It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

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