Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Not-So-Fine Art of Bamboozling the Voters

The hypocrisy of the Republicans in Congress is stunning because it’s so obvious.
One example (of literally many dozens): Eric Cantor, House Whip for the Republicans from the 7th District in Virginia.

This is the guy who organizes the House Republicans and somehow induced all 178 of them to vote against President Obama’s first stimulus package. That’s right … after demanding that the president be bi-partisan in developing his agenda, every last one of the Republicans in the U.S. House voted against his stimulus bill.

Cantor later described the stimulus program as an “utter failure.”

Well, let the record show that this is the very same Congressman Eric Cantor who sponsored two job fairs in his district at which people were hired by employers using stimulus dollars.

He is not alone, either. At last count, more than 50 House Republicans (a) voted against the stimulus, (b) trashed it in speeches and comments for the media, and (c) showed up proud as peacocks at the ribbon-cuttings and ground breakings for stimulus-funded projects in their districts. Many had the unmittigated gall to actually take credit for securing that funding.

When are Republican voters going to catch on: These guys think you’re stupid.

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