Saturday, March 13, 2010

These guys just have no shame at all!

The Republicans have been running TV and radio spots against health care reform in which two claims are being made that are outright lies.

First, that the bill would mean a “government take-over of our health care system.” That is absolute nonsense.

And second that it would mean a tax increase on American families. Well, that’s true as long as you realize that the tax increase would apply only to families earning more than several hundred thousand dollars a year.

We’re also continuing to hear all the blather about this being a “march toward socialism.”

Good heavens … where do you suppose these Republican politicians get the idea that it's OK to scare the hell out of people with lies that are presented as facts?

How about from the Republican Party’s very own playbook that outlines their recommended campaign strategy?

It seems that a copy of this presentation was inadvertently left behind at a campaign committee meeting at a Florida resort and picked up by one of the hotel staff, who turned over to someone in the Democratic Party. Oops!

On page 29, it lists the best approaches for generating cash from small contributors. Item Number One: “Fear.”

And what do the Republican fund raisers think is an effective technique to use on potential large contributors? “Tchochkes,” which is a Yiddish expression defined as “an inexpensive showy trinket.” How’s that for showing respect and appreciation for the people who make your political campaigns possible!
When are rank-and-file Republicans going to get the picture? The people running your party think you’re stupid. Or they hold you in contempt. Or both.

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