Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Confirming What We Have Always Known …

The News Corporation, parent company of Fox News, just made a one million dollar contribution to the Republican Governors Association.

These guys have recently been buying TV time here in Hawaii, by the way ... presumably to air spots promoting Duke Aiona, the Republican candidate for governor. The RGA also ran spots supporting Republican Charles Djou in the recent special election for Congress.

Got that? The owners of Fox News are giving money to a political arm of the Republican Party which, in turn, buys time on Fox stations to support Republican candidates. Cutting to the chase: Fox News is using their air to elect Republicans.

Oh ... but wait .. we already knew that, didn't we!

Think about that the next time you hear one of the Fox news readers utter the words “fair and balanced”.

And here’s a great line about Fox News that I heard recently: People watch Fox for ammunition, not information.