Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Damn Fools … They’re at it again!

Have you listened to the radio lately … specifically, to any of the talk jocks? Left or right, it doesn’t matter. Those on the right – Limbaugh, Beck, et al – are far more loony than the lefties, but it all crap … well, mostly. The traditional networks – NBS, CBS, ABC – are almost no better. Their “newscasts” are 60 seconds long. How’s that for in depth reporting!

And then there’s the TV news. The local stuff is, with the occasional exception, a waste of time, generated from the “if-it-bleeds-it-leads” school of TV journalism. Network news is pretty much the same. Stories of major national importance are given only minutes of superficial coverage, then it’s back to the frivolous. Fox? Forget it. That’s not journalism. People who watch Fox News are there, as someone recently said, “for ammunition, not information.”

All of which leads me to noting that several of the budget cut recommendations just made by the Republican Study Committee would drastically impact, if not cause the shut-down, of National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. When I read that I literally felt ill.

These people – the Republicans making these proposals – would sacrifice the two of the few remaining sources of intelligent, interesting, informative and worthwhile broadcasting on the alter of their ideology. God save us from such arrogant fools as these!

Without question, the most effective way to stop them is through personal letters or phone calls to our elected representatives in Congress. Let’s get at it!

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