Thursday, April 14, 2011

Senator James Inhofe: Arrogant Dangerous Buffoon

Meet United States Senator James Inhofe, Republican from Oklahoma.

He supports Laurent Gbagbo the murderous tyrant of the Ivory Coast.

He denounces global warming as "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people".

And there's enough more to make your head spin. The list of Inhofe's bizarre and outrageous statements and positions and votes is seemingly without end.

Inhofe, age 76, is also a pilot and now we find out that last year he landed his plane on a closed runway, damn near killed a bunch of innocent people who were in the way, and then yelled at them and the airport people as though his carelessness and incompetence was their fault. Read about it here. It's beautiful, because it's got all the FAA documentation ... and more.

This guy is a joke and a clown. And he's dangerous on any number of levels. What the hell is wrong with the voters in Oklahoma??

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w. said...

What the hell do you know about is funny how the "international community" has decided that our democratically elected president is a "dictator", a "tyrant"....while it is clear to anyone who bothers to look that the elections were a major scam perpetrated by your "Obama's ally" Sarkozy in order to immppose his puppet Ouattara in the Ivory Coast. You can have your liberal views of hating conservatives...thats fine (i am a liberal by the way), but at least this guys, for better or worst is bringing attention to the hundreds of people being murdered in the Ivory Coast since the French imposed their guy (only a couple of weeks by theway). There is a genocide underway in that country while the world sits and watch once again....better yet participates to it.
That guys is killing anyone who happens to be from the same ethnic group as Gbagbo and any ethnic group perceived to be friendly to him...this is happening right now!!! stop reading what the AP, AFP or Reuters are feeding you and try to get to the bottom of what is happening there....for ONCE!!!
you can have your