Saturday, November 12, 2011

Four Years Later, the Republicans Still Don’t Get It.

For months now, we’ve been getting both live and recorded telephone calls at home on behalf of Republican candidates and causes.

I suppose, some time back, I probably fired off an email in response to some outrageous statement made on a right-wing web site and the diabolical bastards peddled my phone number to Republican consulting firms. That’ll teach me.

Recently, many of the calls are on behalf of Herman Cain and his recorded messages are pegged at about 8.5 on the 10-point intensity scale. No wonder the man could sell pizzas.

Mike Huckabee calls occasionally, but his tone is reasonable, almost cajoling, as he explains how the country is headed straight to Hell (capital H) unless we all embrace the values he personally holds dear. I don’t think he’s still running, so I guess he’s just using up the rest of the money he raised when he was. I suppose there's no sense doing any actual good with it.

A call yesterday was from the College Republicans and the recorded male voice fairly quivered with outrage as he described how this great country of ours is being slowly, methodically and deliberately destroyed. He identified the arch villain responsible for that as “Barack ... Hussein ... Obama”. Lest anyone miss the implication, there was heavy emphasis on the “Hussein”.

Really, guys … four years ago, that was a contemptible tactic. Today it’s just stupid.

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