Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Being Fair Doesn't Always Mean Equal Treatment.

Please! Do not try to tell me that both sides are equally at fault … that the left is just as offensive and vitriolic as the right … or that you wish “a pox on both their houses”.

In what very large and very lazy segments of the media fob off as “balanced reporting”, they would have us believe that liberals are just as mean-spirited, just as angry and just as violent as the far right. Or that Democrats are just as responsible for the gridlock in Washington as the Republicans. Sorry ... there is plenty of fault on both sides, but the tilt is way over to the right.

Sure there are people who can be described as “left-wing extremists” and they should be condemned whenever they go to their extremes. But, while they may squirt fake blood on mink coats or burn down extravagant homes under construction, with very rare exceptions they don’t threaten to kill people ... or actually kill people.

But extremists on the right? They’re something else altogether. That’s where the racists are. That’s where the gun nuts live. They are the people who label as “slut” someone asking for equal treatment under the law. Or block serious legislation just because they don't want Barack Obama to look good. Or shoot doctors providing legal abortions. Or blow up federal buildings.

So, by all means, let the media report all the bad stuff that happens. Just don’t say that both left and right are equally to blame. Because it just ain’t so.

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