Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Grey Lady - Still the Best of the Best.

Once again, the New York Times has done what great newspapers do: shine the white hot light of publicity on people wanting to remain hidden in the dark.

In a lengthy story appearing in today’s paper, the Times reveals that Wal-Mart executives in Mexico repeatedly paid bribes to public officials in order to smooth the way for new retail stores all over that country. Payoffs went to top officials in the government at all levels and included ordinary salaried civil service workers dealing with bureaucratic issues such as zoning and building permits.

What a surprised, right? But wait! The real story is that Wal-Mart brass in the U.S. got wind of these shenanigans and an internal investigation was opened. The essential facts were verified … that this illegal bribery was rampant – even routine –had been going on for years, and involved Wal-Mart’s very top management in Mexico.

And today, the Times reports that as soon as those facts had been determined beyond question, Wal-Mart’s investigation was very quickly closed … quashed … covered up.
But it looks like the greedy bastards aren’t going to get away with it … thanks to great work by a great newspaper.

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