Friday, November 14, 2008

It’s the Freakin’ Sarah Palin Show … AGAIN!

Did you see the news coverage of Sarah Palin yesterday? There she was at the Republican Governors Conference in Miami, holding forth to the media and answering questions, with a half dozen tight-lipped governors standing self-consciously in a semi-circle behind her.

What in the world was she doing out there in the spotlight? Every one of those guys has more education, more brains, more experience, more ideas, more good sense and represents more people.

I have to believe that the vast majority of Republicans look at Sarah and know, deep down inside their conservative hearts, that she has no serious understanding of national or world affairs and is unable to utter a coherent opinion about issues of the day. Reduced to the simple essence of the printed page, Sarah Palin quotes are 90 percent incomprehensible gibberish. Think not? Well, go ahead, pick a quote … any quote.

Yet, on her own initiative, this arrogant, shallow, calculating woman has shoved her way to the head of the line, acting as though she is the titular head of the Republican Party and positioning herself as a serious contender for the party’s nomination for president in four years.

What do Republicans suppose the rest of us think when we see this happening? We may not agree with the ideology, but we know there are plenty of smart, competent people in the Republican Party. Yet they’re moved to the back row, don’t speak, and she’s up there at the microphone … the new voice of the GOP?

In all seriousness, what the hell are they thinking?

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Mike said...

Remember the old Eagles song "Lying Eyes?" Not an exact match, but some of the lyrics seem to be descriptive.