Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lieberman: Between a Rock and Two Hard Places

Most Democrats scorn Joe Lieberman as a turncoat.

The party nominated the senator from Connecticut to carry its vice-presidential banner in 2000, but eight years later he was stumping for John McCain and questioning Barak Obama’s ability and patriotism.

My first thought was to hope his Democrat colleagues in the Senate would toss his sorry ungrateful ass out of the party.

But wait. On second thought, let’s do something much, much better than that. Let’s use him.

Let’s let Joe-the-Weasel stay in the Senate Democrats’ caucus and even keep his committee chairmanship … on the condition that from now on he votes the way he’s told. And if he doesn’t, out he goes!

At that point, Lieberman will have two choices.

Door Number One: He can become a real independent, one of only two in the Senate, with no clout and zero committees.

Or, Door Number Two, he can go over to the Republicans, in which case he’ll get nothing or next to nothing. You see, they don’t really want him because he’s always voted with the Democrats on all those awful social programs.

Of course, if he does turn Republican, the people of Connecticut will very likely vote him out of office next time around anyway.

Poor Joe. What’s a little weasel to do?


Mike said...

A Yankee Zell Miller is what this guy is. Wonder what he'll buy with his thirty pieces of silver.

Mike said...

I read where Obama wants to keep Lieberman in the Dem caucus. Good thinking - follows the old maxim about keeping friends close, and enemies closer.

JIM LOOMIS said...

Yes, exactly!