Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twenty-Seven Days ... and Counting!

A month ago, Bush & Co. gave $150 billion to AIG and many billions more to the Wall Street bankers with no strings attached.

Then last week they gave a measly $15 billion to be divided between Chrysler and General Motors, but only after a public beating up of their executives, squeezing still more concessions out of their workers, and demanding a full report on how they’re going to turn the entire industry around in 90 days.

And now – did you see yesterday’s Associated Press story? – the bankers won’t tell us what they did with the money!

Folks, the lunatics are running the freakin’ asylum!


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Mike said...

And I've also read where the commercial real estate industry and home builders want bail outs, too.

Sick. So much for the Conservative Republicans insistence on "market forces", etc.