Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is it with these randy Republican politicians?

First there was Congressman Mark Foley, who was hitting on teenage pages ... male pages. Then there was Senator Larry Craig, who tried to pick up a plainclothes cop in a men's room. A week ago Senator John Ensign admitted to having an affair with a staffer.

But today comes the latest and, if the bizarre element is factored in, the greatest: Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina confesses to running off to Argentina over Fathers Day weekend (!!) to continue an ongoing affair with some babe there. And all the while, his staff was saying he was off hiking the Appalachian Trail.

And yes, I am well aware that Democrats have also waded in these same waters -- John Edwards and Bill Clinton are the more obvious -- but it is the Republicans who are forever and ad nauseum shoving "family values" at us, the implication being that they are the keepers of the faith while we liberals knowingly choose to live on the seamy side of the street.

But American voters are far more tolerant and forgiving of sinners than they are of hypocrites. And today I take great comfort in that.

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