Monday, June 1, 2009

How About a Day to Honor Bigots?

One of our State Reps, Lyla Berg, has introduced a resolution that would designate September 24th as Islam Day in Hawaii. There are, by the way, an estimated 4,000 Muslims here.

In doing so, Rep. Berg points out that we already have several other official “days” that recognize other religions: March 21 is the Baha’i New Years, April 8 is Buddha Day, and Dec. 8 is Bodhi Day, honoring Siddhartha Gautama, Buddhism’s founder. On the two formal Christian days, Christmas and Good Friday, the government actually shuts down. But Islam Day? Horrors! Can’t do that!

And, as sure as Allah made little green apples, the far-right bigots have gone ballistic. The governor’s office reports receiving 315 emails and 40 phone calls objecting to the measure, most from mainland people … some saying they will no longer consider vacationing here in Hawaii.

Good! Stay home! You’re ignorant fools and we already have more than enough of those here already … to wit, Republican State Senators Sam Slom and Fred Hemmings, both of whom have objected to the resolution.

Good grief! How about proclaiming a Narrow Minded Fools Day here! There appear to be a lot more of them than there are Muslims.

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Susan Och said...

I wish the Hawaiian any-excuse-for-a-holiday attitude.