Thursday, May 28, 2009

It’s Gotta Be a Nefarious Plot by the Dems

Rush Limbaugh and a couple of publications on the far-right are muttering darkly about a brand-new conspiracy being perpetrated, they say, by President Obama and the Democrats.

How is it, they ask, that the vast majority of Chrysler dealership being closed are owned by … people who have contributed to the Republican Party?

During my professional career, I had several car dealers as clients. They were all Republicans … rabid Republicans. One had a portrait of Ronald Reagan on his wall. Another was fund raising chairman for a relative who became governor of our state! In fact, by survey, well over 90% of car dealers across the entire country are Republicans and contribute to GOP candidates.

So doesn’t it follow that most of the dealerships being closed are owned by Republicans?


But don’t let that stop you, Rush.


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