Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Unfair and Way, Way Out-of-Balance

Conservatives love to wail about the MSM – their shorthand for “main stream media” – and claim all of the major networks and almost all of the country’s finest newspapers slant their news coverage to push the “liberal agenda.”

Horse pucky!

But if you want a host of examples of a news outlet that shamelessly and deliberately distorts the news to suit their political biases, take an objective look at Fox News.

Just one example: On a recent broadcast, a Fox host claimed Al Gore personally profits from his efforts to promote environmental awareness. To support this accusation, they ran a video clip of Gore’s testimony before Congress in which he acknowledged that money is generated by his activities.

What Fox did NOT show was Gore’s statement, coming just minutes later during that same testimony, that he donates all the money raised from his activities to a non-profit organization that works to develop solutions to climate-change.

Much of today’s media produces superficial and often slip-shod work that is embarrassing to serious journalists.

But Fox News is a disgrace.

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