Friday, May 8, 2009

All In Favor of Waving Buh-Bye to the Bubbas …

A recent poll conducted by Research 2000, a market research firm in Olney, Maryland, came up with some interesting results.

One of the questions put to registered voters was, “Would your state be better off as an independent nation?”

Of course almost everywhere in the country, voters trashed the idea. Ah, but not in the great state of Texas, where 35% of voters surveyed and almost half of registered Republicans (48%) thought going off on their own would be just peachy.*

Say! Isn’t this the same crowd that was waving those “Country First” signs at all the McCain-Palin rallies last year? By golly, it is!

*Kindly leave stimulus dollars behind. Thanks … and alo-o-o-o-ha!


Kevin Love said...

Because of its oil resources, Texas may actually be better off as an independent country.

There are people in oil-rich regions in places ranging from Nigeria to Alberta who run the numbers. They say things like: "We send this much to the central government and only get this much back! We're getting ripped off!"

Usually, the central government has some compelling argument against secession. In Alberta's case, everyone knows that the US government covets their oil and has a habit of sending the US Army to invade oil-rich regions. A few examples come to mind...

Since a conventional defence is unaffordable, the ultimate deterrent to the US Marines is nuclear bombs from Ontario's reactors. So Albertans may whine about the cost of being part of the Canadian confederation, but the alternative is much worse.

JIM LOOMIS said...

Surely you're not suggesting that the U.S. would invade Canada for the oil??

Kevin Love said...

Yes, that's exactly my suggestion. There have been three major invasions of Canada from the USA, and nobody here is forgetting that history.

On my way to work every day, I pass a monument commemorating the Battle of Ridgeway when the last invasion was repelled in 1866.

Every time the US Army invades an oil-rich country, people here worry that we may be next. Since a conventional defence is impossible, Canada relies upon its nuclear weapons capability to deter US military aggression.