Monday, May 25, 2009

TSA People on Maui Recklessly Cross the Line

The Maui News, our local daily newspaper, has a policy of printing all letters-to-the-editor and, as a result, readers are treated to an eclectic mix of opinion and ideas from what is already a very diverse population. The one thing they all have in common is a passionate belief in whatever ideology or cause has stirred them to write, but after a while you do get to notice some recurring patterns.

Vitriolic anti-Obama diatribes always seem to come from a haole (Caucasian) living in Kihei or over on the West Side. I always picture those folks as wealthy Republicans who divide their time between a Maui condo and their other home in someplace like Orange County.

Rants against genetic modification of plants or odes in praise of aroma therapy seem to originate from someone with a name like “Starlight” who lives in Huelo, or some other area of the island populated with folks who are hippy throwbacks.

A few days back, we were treated to a letter-to-the-editor in which the writer was enraged because three containers of poi were confiscated by the TSA people as she was passing through security at the Maui airport before boarding a flight to the mainland.

Scary! Try take one Hawaiian’s poi away and you axing for big trouble, bruddah!

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