Friday, July 31, 2009

It Makes You Wanna Weep, Don't it?

You want to know why politicians don't deal in calm rational debate much anymore? Because, by and large, we are a nation of morons and they would be wasting their time.

Case in point: At a town hall forum the other day, Republican congressman Bob Inglis of South Carolina started to talk about health care reform. Remember now, this guy is a Republican, so we can reasonably assume therefore that most of the folks in the crowd were of like persuasion.

Anyway, as Inglis starts to talk about health care, a guy in the audience jumps up and loudly demands that he (Inglis) should "keep your government hands off my Medicare!"

(I know I need not explain why this idiot was wrong to the intelligent readers of this blog!)

It is an absolute miracle that we accomplish anything of consequence in this country.


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Capsun said...

Now *that's* hilarious! I'm going to write that down on my list of top quotes.