Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apparently They Hated It Real Good

Among those most critical of President Obama’s State of the Union address was the Tea Party Express. Their statement described the president’s remarks as “hot air delivered in a way too long speech.” The statement was not attributed to any individual ... for a way too obvious reason.

Then there was Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who is catching heat today for shaking his head and mouthing "Not true" when the president offered criticism of the court's recent 5-4 decision allowing corporate contributions to political campaigns. Of course protocol demands no reaction from judges lest - God forbid - anyone think they are not totally impartial.

Oh ... and yesterday, while being a pundit on Fox News, Sarah Palin offered her thoughts on the "health care reform mandation." (Mandation?? Don't bother looking it up. You won't find it.)

These are the people we're up against??!!

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