Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It’s A Day To Be Doubly Disgusted.

Well, the Republicans pulled it off in Massachusetts yesterday. They elected Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for almost 50 years. Scott Brown … a guy who promised to block health care reform, something Uncle Teddy fought for during most of those years. How ironic is that!

The Republican cause was aided by a typical slight-of-underhand: An wealthy arch conservative ran media urging people to vote for the third candidate on the ballot, an almost anonymous clown who happens to be named Joe Kennedy. Of course, this particular Joe Kennedy is a kooky-fringe-conservative and no relation to Jack, Bobby or Teddy. Nevertheless, the media campaign blathered that he was “a name you can trust,” thereby assuring all the brain-dead voters that he was one of the Kennedys. Of course every vote cast for Joe-Kennedy-the-stalking-horse, was one less vote for the democratic candidate, Martha Coakley, and a plus for the Republican Scott Brown.

And then there are the other miserable Democrats who abandoned their party, their president and (very likely) any chance of meaningful health care reform because … because … well, who the hell knows why??

Perhaps – typical Democrats! – they threw their candidate under the bus because Barack Obama hasn’t yet fixed an economy it took George Bush 8 years to wreck. Or because they actually believed the preposterous lies the Republicans told about “death panels” and other such nonsense. Or even because, Martha Coakley inexplicably had said Curt Shilling was a Yankee fan.

Whatever the reason, it was short-sighted and dumb. And, if it really does mean the end of health care reform, millions of Americans will pay the price for it.

We Democrats can be such damn fools!

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