Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caylee Anthony … and the Bigger Picture

Photo from the Indianapolis Star

(The following is an excerpt from a column that recently ran in the Indianapolis Star and is part of the response to a question about how someone of faith should react to the Casey Anthony trial and the resulting not-guilty decision.)

The selfish clamor for tax cuts during the worst economy since the Depression is resulting in the wholesale slashing of society's safety net -- recreational, transportation, educational, medical, mental health and other essential human services. Do we seriously believe that this state-sanctioned callousness will not lead to the creation of future Caseys, or Jared Lee Loughners? When that happens, won't society be responsible for the next Caylee eulogized by the tabloid press?

The cowboy, "pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps" ethos in vogue in America can only produce more victims. Our nation needs a return to genuine societal values -- not to a deranged and mythical Ayn Rand world. This means helping the least and most broken amongst us. And this just so happens to also be the teaching of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Rev. Carey A. Grady, senior pastor at Bethel AME Church

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