Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Going to be away for a month.

I'm taking off this morning for a 29-day trip that will literally take me around the world ... and most of that will be by train. Internet access will not be available along some of that itinerary, but I'll do my best to post photos and comments on my travel blog as often as possible.

One brief commentary before I leave: The price of a first class seat on my flight from Los Angeles to London is $11,660 … one way. If the person in that seat is traveling on business, it’s a deductible expense, which means there will be no tax paid by the corporation on the income earned to pay for that ticket. Meanwhile, the Republicans are demanding that we cut benefits for retirees. See anything out of whack with this picture?

By the way, I just looked on line again and my Social Security check is now four days past the usual date of deposit into my account.

Oh well ... see you in a month.

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