Friday, February 24, 2012

Republicans Just Begging to be Ridiculed.

There is apparently no end to the absurdity … to the over-the-top foolishness to which an astonishing number of Republican politicians will go.

In the Virginia legislature, for example, mindless one-issue Republicans proposed a bill that would require any women seeking an abortion to first undergo a “transvaginal” sonogram. As I understand it, this is a procedure similar to the standard ultrasound in which a wand is applied to a pregnant woman’s abdomen to generate images of the fetus. Transvaginal imaging is a similar procedure ... with one obvious and invasive exception.

At any rate, this proposal is so far over the top that it has prompted national attention and is being wickedly mocked by the likes of Jon Stewart, who claimed to have more than a million frequent flyer miles on Transvaginal Airlines.

And, in a brilliant stroke, a female member of the Virginia Legislature has now proposed a law that would require that all men be given a “transrectal” examination of their prostate before pharmacies in the commonwealth would be allowed to fill a prescription for Viagra.

Isn’t it delightful that these Republican politicians are continuing to make such fools of themselves?

And isn’t it distressing that so many voters appear to be agreeing with them?

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