Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amost Back to What Passes for Political Normalcy

Little by little, things are shaking out and settling down. Barack Obama is now our president, Roland Burris is officially the junior senator from Illinois, and Al Franken is almost the new senator from Minnesota. Almost. The very latest re-re-re-count has him ahead of Norm Coleman by something like 225 votes.

Coleman is packing up his stuff and vacating his Washington office, but is still talking lawsuit. And the right-wing radio and internet crazies – Rush Limbaugh, John Hawkins, Ann Coulter, et al – are screaming their heads off that the Democrats are stealing that election.

My knee-jerk reaction was, of course, SO HOW DOES IT FEEL??

But the whole idea is preposterous anyway. From the moment it became clear that a recount would have to be done, the five-person Minnesota Canvassing Board has handled everything in a methodical, careful, dignified manner without the slightest suggestion of partisanship … to their very great credit.

But take a look at how that panel breaks out: Two of its members are justices of the Minnesota Supreme Court. Both are Republicans and both were appointed by Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota’s Republican governor who was on John McCain's short list for running mate. Another Board member was appointed by Jesse Ventura, who ran and was elected governor as an independent. The fourth member is another judge who ran and was elected as a non-partisan. The last one is Minnesota’s Secretary of State who is indeed a Democrat.

Does that sound like five people who are stealing an election for the Democrats and Al Franken? Not hardly.

I must ask again: How can anyone continue to take Limbaugh and the rest of those bloviating frauds seriously?


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