Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little bit of the Aloha Spirit would have been nice.

Back during the presidential campaign, Hawaii’s Republican governor, Linda Lingle, made several trips to the mainland to campaign for the McCain/You-Know-Who ticket.
At the time, she had some pretty snide things to say about Barack Obama … among other things, that he hadn’t lived here long enough to really be considered local.

(Let the record show Obama was born here and graduated from high school here, while Lingle was born in St. Louis and went to high school in California.)

Anyway, this past Monday, toward the end of her annual State of the State address to the Legislature, Lingle said “… Hawaii’s heart swelled with pride as one of its own, Barack Obama, became the first African American to take the presidential oath of office…”

She could have tempered the hypocrisy and shown some class by saying “as one of our own …” but, nah, that’s just not her style.

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