Monday, January 26, 2009

If You Have to Ask What It Costs, You Can’t Afford It.

This is the Kahului Airport here on Maui, and those are all private jets. How rich do you have to be to afford one of those things, anyway?

And what could better illustrate the gap – no, the chasm! – between rich and poor in this country.

I had doctor’s appointment a couple of days ago and struck up a conversation with a woman in the waiting room. She told me she and her husband have the same medical problem and take the same medication for it. They each have jobs but, she said, they can’t afford medication for both of them. So they fill one prescription a month and carefully cut the pills in half, each taking what amounts to half the prescribed daily dose.

What does that lady have to do with all those private jets? Hell, I don’t know. Maybe nothing. But isn’t there something fundamentally wrong when some people have so much they can fly to Maui on private airplanes while people living here have to split their pills in half? Sooner or later, we have to do something about that.

No, not later … sooner!

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Kevin Love said...

That lady doesn't have proper health care precisely because of those private jets.

Taxes in the USA are too low. So low that basic, fundamental core government jobs like education and health care are underfunded.

A proper tax system would transform those jets (and other wasteful luxuries) into education and health care.