Friday, January 30, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking (Ex) President

With a new president in the White House, we’ve been getting a number of stories about his way of doing things. That, in turn, invites comparison with his predecessor.

There’s an AP story in The Maui News this morning which notes that Barack Obama appears to be running his White House a bit more casually than George W. Bush did.

The story notes that on occasion, some of Obama’s meetings have actually run over their allotted times. Bush, on the other hand, insisted that his meetings begin and end on time.

In fact – and how did I manage to miss this before now! – on one occasion, then Secretary of State Colin Powell was late for a cabinet meeting and Bush had the door locked so Powell couldn’t get in!

Well, by God, that sure showed everyone who was boss!

Actually, once the outrage and indignation passes, it seems rather pathetic, doesn’t it.

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