Friday, February 13, 2009

Aussie Justice Is Rolling and It's In High Gear.

I’m sure you have read about the terrible brush fires here. They have occurred in southeastern Australia, obliterating entire communities and killing a couple of hundred people.

After spending the better part of six days and five nights on the train crossing this vast continent, it’s easy to see why fires in the outback are a huge potential hazard. This place is hundreds of thousands of square miles of hot, very dry country, much of which is covered with brush and scraggly trees.

This story has dominated the media for days, as would certainly be expected, and the tales of death and destruction are heartbreaking when reduced to the family level.There are more than 150 cops on this and there has already been one arrest.

News reports today say that authorities have charged a 39-year-old man with starting one of the fires. For good measure, they also got him for possession of child pornography.

This low-life’s name has not been released, and a good thing, too. The prevailing attitude here is, Give the bloke a fair trial ... then hang ‘im!


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