Thursday, February 26, 2009

“Hello, Bobby? It’s Your Lucky Day!”

The circus played our town one day,
Three Bengal tigers got away.
The manager looked straight at me
And said, “Son, here’s your opportunity!
‘Cause the man who catches these cats
And brings ‘em back to me alive,
A real hero is gonna be.
Oh, it’s a wonderful chance for somebody,

Somebody else … not me!”

I thought about that little ditty the other day when the Republicans trotted out poor Bobby Jindal to offer a response to Barack Obama’s powerful address to the joint session of Congress.

Can’t you just see those Republican big shots sitting around trying to figure out who they could send up against this intelligent, confident, articulate and charismatic young president and tell a worried nation that the GOP is better able to get us out of the mess they got us into?

“Hey, how about Bobby Jindal?” says one. “He’s young ... and he’s even kinda dark, too!”

“Yeah,” says another, “and he can use the exposure!”

It’s astonishing that the little sap actually went for it.

And anyone that dumb sure as hell ain’t qualified to be president.


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