Tuesday, February 17, 2009

These Clowns Must Think We’re Stupid!

During the recent campaign, the political polls and the focus groups told the Republican political consultants that a preponderance of the American public was sick to death of the political partisanship and wanted the two parties to start thinking about the common good. It couldn't have come as a surprise to them because that’s what the published polls were saying.

So speeches by John McCain and other Republican candidates were suddenly laced with all the right words and phrases: 'non-partisan' … 'reach across the aisle' … 'work together' … blah, blah, blah.

And, yes, we did indeed hear the same thing from Barack Obama. The big difference? Apparently he meant it.

As an example, take the stimulus package that became law with Obama’s signature this morning. When the bill was being drafted, he took the unprecedented step of going to the Capitol to meet with Republican leaders and hear their views. After that, members of each party met in both House and Senate to work out the details.

And when the bill came up for a vote, 38 out of 41 Republicans in the Senate voted against it. And so did every single Republican in the House.

So the next time you hear Republican members of Congress talk about the need for the two parties to work together, give ‘em a long, loud, wet Bronx cheer. Because they’re full of crap.


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