Thursday, March 19, 2009

And ... THEY'RE OFF!!

My good friend, Neil Abercrombie – I’ve mentioned him here and in my other blog several times – has announced that he will be running for Governor of Hawaii as a Democrat in next year’s election.

Photo: I had a chance to chat with Neil a week ago when he was here to kick off his Maui campaign.

This is good news for folks here in Hawaii. Neil has been in Congress for 20 years and, as governor, that experience will certainly help him help us. He’s also close to President Obama and that, too, should be a big plus.

The presumed Republican candidate will be the current Lieutenant Governor, James "Duke" Aiona, a very empty suit. The real race, the one that will almost certainly produce our next governor, will be the Democratic Party primary. Several other big-name Democrats are supposedly considering the race, including Honolulu’s mayor, Mufi Hannemann. Personally, I hope Mufi completes his 2nd term as Mayor and uses that time to really get Honolulu’s long-overdue transit system well underway. He has championed that project and it's taken real political courage.

No matter who the other players may be, with Neil in the campaign, it will be spirited, enlightening and fun watch. He's intelligent, having a PhD; he’s articulate and often inspiring; and he’s got a wonderful, often wicked, sense of humor.

Eh, Neil ... Go gettum, bruddah!

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