Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rushing to Mount Rush More

At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, the choir get a stem-winding wrap-up speech from their preacher, Rush Limbaugh. It was predictably ugly and incendiary. After all, that is Limbaugh’s mother lode.

Those are not my words, by the way. That’s how the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, described the remarks delivered by The Great Bloviator.

On his next radio broadcast, Limbaugh did what he does best: He attacked. He accused Steele of actually wanting President Obama to successfully get us out of this economic mess instead of hoping he fails, as Limbaugh does. And today, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee … caved! Said he was sorry. Said he respects that big blowhard. And acknowledged Limbaugh’s “leadership.”

What a sorry spectacle: The top Republican allowing Rush Limbaugh to speak for the party that has Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal as its emerging leadership.

Seriously... how pathetic is that!

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