Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Very Random Wonderings …

1. Everyone seems to agree that a single payer health insurance system would reduce the cost of health insurance. So why aren’t business owners demanding it?

2. How long will it take for Manny Ramirez to get tired of La-La-Land and start sitting out games with a sore knee … and forgetting if it’s the left or the right one? (Yes, I’m a Red Sox fan, and if you root for the Dodgers, you are more than welcome to the big bozo.)

3. Why don’t the people ranting about “socialism” check out the actual meaning of the term? (Oh, wait … I forget … they don’t care what it means as long as it keeps the ditto-heads frothing at the mouth.)

4. Republicans like Knee-Jerk John Boehner are automatically against everything President Obama proposes. Wouldn’t it be helpful if they had some alternative ideas?

5. Why don’t the people responsible for the SpellCheck programs fix it so “Obama” isn’t flagged?

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