Monday, March 30, 2009

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime!

This has got to be the best possible example of the worst possible case of callous, cold-blooded corruption.

Electricians working for American companies have repeatedly done shoddy work on wiring in the construction of military facilities in Iraq with unthinkable consequences:

Nineteen U.S. military personnel DEAD by electrocution!

Here's the whole miserable, infuriating story.

This is one case when the electric chair would be the most appropriate answer.


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Kevin Love said...

Is is really corruption? Or is is due to the Iraqi resistance fighting against the military occupation of their country? Or a little bit of both?

Perhaps contractors are hedging their bets against the inevitable day of US Army withdrawl. When they are put on trial for collaboration, they want to be able to say: "No, I'm not some quisling collaborator! I deliberately did a bad job for the US Army and electrocuted US soldiers."