Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Suggestion to Dick Cheney: GO AWAY!

George W. Bush finally deserves some credit. He has quietly gone home to Texas where he has refrained from commenting on the performance of his successor. And good for him. Obama has his hands full and can do without any partisan criticisms from the guy largely responsible for the mess.

Dick Cheney is another story. He has no qualms about sniping away at Obama. And this is coming from the guy who told us there were WMD in Iraq when there weren’t … who continues to say there was a link between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda, when there was not … and who still thinks it was OK for the U.S. to torture people, when it was and is illegal and when it’s pretty clear it doesn’t work anyway.

Dick Cheney is the poster boy for much of what has been wrong in this country for many years and he will be surely be judged harshly by history. His continued spiteful rumblings don’t seem to be hurting Obama and are reinforcing all his and Bush’s negatives. Nevertheless, we would all be better off if he would just fold his tent and disappear. Ironically, so would he.

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Mike said...

Damn, Jim. PLEASE no more scary monster pictures at the top of the blog!!