Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where the Margin for Error is ZERO!

It’s abundantly clear that the right-wingers among us will never, under any circumstances, give Barack Obama credit for anything. Not ever.

Have a conversation with the Russians and he’s a wuss who caves into those who would do us harm. Say all Americans should have adequate health care and he’s leading us down the slippery slope to communism. In a way, I can almost muster some grudging admiration for folks who are so locked into their own ideology that our guys can do no right while theirs can do no wrong.

Liberals aren’t like that. We tend to look at each issue separately and come up with what may or may not be a typically liberal solution. And we certainly have no compunctions about taking Democrats to task if we think they have erred.

For example, Obama is in trouble with at least a few liberals for his choice of a Portuguese water dog named Bo as the family pet. There are liberals among us who are bitterly chastising the Obamas for choosing Bo over a dog from the DC pound.

Rescuing the economy is all well and good, but opt for a pure bred instead of a poi dog and you’re outta here, pal!

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Kevin Love said...

I have a vague and fuzzy memory that there were allergy issues with some of his kids so he needed a non-allergenic breed.

All I know for sure is that I don't care if he keeps an elephant as a pet as long as he gets us out of Bush's crazy wars, turns the economy around and gets every American proper health care. If he can do that, he deserves a whole zoo.